Learning How To Swim • EP

by Coach Phillips

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"...when it comes to summoning nostalgia, Coach Phillips really hits the nail on the (tape) head." — NPR Music / Capital Public Radio

"...an infectious sound, oozing positivity." — Xune Mag


All music/lyrics by Coach Phillips:

Wade - Guitars/Vocals
Chet - Drums/Sax
Jess - Vocals/Percussion
Justice - Bass

Recorded and mixed by Justice and Wade
@ home, in Seattle's historic Fitch/Nutt House.

Mastered by Rachel Field @ Resonant Mastering

Thanks/shout-outs to: Otto Sipe, Torehan Sharman, Courtney Wenneborg, Sabee Grewal, Keenan Ferrar, The House of Baes, The Nook, Daniel Grear, Pietro Verrecchia, JP Bisciotti, Wes Wright, Melissa Gaughan, Ty Williams, Paige, Joanne and Wade, The Baughman Clan, The Kim Fam & Two-Wheeled Crew, The Reed Tribe, The Neighbor Mom and Dad, The Neighbor Baby, Officer Steve


released February 13, 2018


all rights reserved



Coach Phillips Seattle, Washington

indie rock via Seattle

'learning how to swim' since '17

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Track Name: VHS Dating
So what's the problem with VHS dating?
I want love real fast; I'm sick of waiting.
'Cause I'm a real cool guy. I'm sentimental.
I like real long walks and hair metal.

I like Motely Crue.
I like Billy Idol.
I might like you.
I might make you smile.

So what's the problem with VHS dating?
I bought a VCR; I'm still waiting.
I've got a real fast car, a stereo.
I wanna drive real far. We'll play rock n' roll--

like Duran Duran
or maybe Billy Idol.
Baby hold my hand.
Baby make me smile.

So what's the problem if the format's outdated?
Is love-via-screen so overrated?

I'll watch your favorite shows. I'll take you sailing.
No place to go? We'll listen to Van Halen's

brand new cassette.
Or maybe Billy Idol's.
Baby you can bet
that I'll make you smile.
Track Name: Neighbor Baby
The Neighbor Baby's fast asleep.
She's stired by a melody.
She's woken by a kick-drum beat
coming from across the street.

The Neighbor Lady pours a drink
as Daddy paces 'round the kitchen sink,
neither knowing what to think
of Neighbor Band on the brink.

They're practicing that brand new tune
that they've been playing for a week or two.
They've been playing in the living room.
Neighbors thinking, "gonna have to move."

Neighbors sayin', "They've been scaring the neighborhood
ever since they signed that lease.
If they didn't sound so good,
I'd probably call the police right now."

Right now, the neighbor lady's wide awake.
And it's because her baby's wide awake.
Well that's fine; It's not even late.
It's quater till; It's not even 8.

Oh no we're not scaring the neighborhood
(just once or twice disturbed the peace).
And if you think you should
go ahead call the police. They
play in a metal band,
playin' our house next weekend.
I hear they play pretty loud.
I hear rent's cheaper out of town or state.

Neighbor Baby's growin' old.
And she's been listenin' to rock n' roll.
And she's been playin' daddy's old guitar,
before she even learns to drive his car...

you know she'll be scaring the neighborhood
(just now and then disturbs the peace).
If she didn't sound so good,
I'd probably call the police. She
plays in a pop-punk band,
throwing house shows on weekends.
They're playing pretty loud
'cause Mom and Dad are out of town or state.
Track Name: Lake MI (Dream)
Shut me down. Turn it off.
Shut me down. Turn it off.
I've already got more than you promised.
And it's not unusual
to give every thought more than due process.

So I turn cynical,
while pulling apart all that I wanted.
It feels clinical.
I'm starting to lie when I'm not honest.

Shut me down. Turn it off.
Shut me down. Turn it off.
Shut me down. Turn it off.

Let's move back to Michigan
and stay by the Lake.
I really wanna jump back in
and try not to sink.

And so I'm learning how to swim.
I want to, and so I do.

^ That's a dream; it's wrong.
I still don't know where to begin.
I followed you for so long.
Are you even listening?
Tell me are you even listening?
Tell me are you even listening?
Track Name: Constant Change
Distill the silence – it steals my heart again;
I'm fine with you.
Or backing into a heart attack
when it's false then it's true.
It's true.

Or short-lived; is it gone in a moment?
Can I reignite
that spark in your voice/ your smile.
Well I think I might
be true.

Well I forgot to mention, man.
Getting tired of:
best intentions, and
constant change,

and working hard not to get hung up upon "I hope they stay"s,
and getting burned just to get unstuck again–
that's been my way of changing.
Track Name: W.C.H.B?
Messed up a certain way.
Sing along 'My Sweet Lord'.
Can't seem to turn away.
I'm probably just bored

when I can't win,
when I'm stuck in
the "what could have been?".

What could have been:
if I ever knew what to say,
if I'd ever stop keeping score,
or keep jealousy at bay,
or learn how to close a door...

What could happen?
and what could have been?

or "It'll never be the same;
I'm feeling so lost without."
–something you can refrain
from filling your head with doubt.

Like, "I can't win".
Like, "I can't win".
Like I can't win
When I'm stuck in
"what could have been?"
the "what could have been?"

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